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nfl media policy

nfl media policy

Increasingly, when I watch college football, it seems that referees can not win. Do not get me wrong, I see the missed calls. But it seems that also began to focus both on the missed calls on television shows and the fans of abusing the referees.

Recent SEC team can stay referees after the play calls for UGA LSU and Florida-Arkansas game. Fans of Georgia and Arkansas, email messages sent not only to hate, but called on officials of your home with messages accusing the referees of all kinds of incredible things. To be on the take, to have a gambling problem, until deliberate attempt to influence the score.

And this is the first time I remember one crew being suspended, I've seen as bad or missed calls every week of the arbitrators. Why this particular team in this situation?

I recently heard that ESPN had something like 25 cameras in a game of a recent NFL game Monday night football. I mean this type of control, officials do not really call chance. They are not perfect and will always be missed. But now, it's like the media and fans try to highlight any missed call and the screaming blood murder.

If you have never refereed an event sports, at least high school, you should think twice before falling Journal of deliberate damage. It is very demanding work. Now, I'm not tolerant of bad accept the arbitration. I think conferences in college football did not need to monitor, critique and maintain referees responsible. But what I have seen recently is the inconsistency and respond to media and fans of these conferences. There is a logical and coherent policy to improve the officiating.

And I also saw him ugly rose from football fans. Now, if you pay your money for a ticket and want to screaming or booing the umpires, I think your right. But the track after the party and send hate messages and voice messages will go on line in my humble opinion. What stage is this behavior that we close our eyes?

I did a little training from me and I had many conversations with umpires in the context where they admit that you lost one or not see the call as they should. And I've seen some very sometimes poor activities. But in high school and lower levels, I always wondered what we, the adults thought we were teaching the children some bad behavior toward referees I've seen.

Now let me conclude by saying once again that I do not believe that arbitration should be just not tolerated untreated to solve the problem. I think administrators need to constantly monitor and regulate fairly and officials. And instead of simply putting in suspension in response to media attention, grief implement coherent policies published criteria.

And I think the fans should give referees calls pause and look as good as it is in decisions quickly, as the crowd, many games they call. And remember, it just a game.

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About the Author

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