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nfl season starting late

nfl season starting late
Degrees of freedom help?

I find it difficult to determine the number of degrees of freedom for the next question. Early league game National Football (NFL) and the beginning of the extension period, if there is one, a lottery determines who begins to start the game or overtime. An arbitrator using the same medal game after game. At the end of the season, the referee receives complaints head coaches in the NFL, the party is by tossing a coin not fair. To test its own currency, the referee 300 trials of 3 coin tosses per test and record the number of heads in each sequence of 3 shots. The results are presented in the table below. It's a coin? ACCOUNT 0 1 2 3 Frequency 53 125 95 27 How many degrees of freedom are? And as if the significance level of = 05, what is the cutoff value of the rejection region for testing this hypothesis? Thank you!

must use a chi-square with that. In this case, there are 4 containers (0, 1, 2 and 3) so that the degrees of freedom is 4-1 = 3, if you do chi-square test of independence between two variables, the formula is different for DF (in namely N-1 is not a general formula for all Chi-square tests, where N is the number of containers). For the chi-square test statistic is x ^ 2 = sum_ (squares) (real – Expected) ^ 2/expected its rejection region is when x ^ 2 is large. "extensive" use of a chi-square table (or program) and find the 95th percentile when degrees of freedom are 3. In this case, the threshold value (limit) is 7.814728.

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